Consequences Of Totalitarianism In 1984

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The Consequences of Totalitarianism
Winston and Julia in George Orwell’s 1984, are characters existing in a setting of complete control. Life in Oceania is one of complete and total destruction by an entity known as Big Brother. This entity enacts its control by brainwashing the people of Oceania into believing what it wants them to believe. Winston and Julia function in a sphere of loneliness until they suspect that there is another human being that loathes Big Brother, which is, literally, why they come together. This partnership gives them hope to fight against Big Brother. The reality is that a totalitarian government leaves little room for hope or individuality. Orwell’s purpose is to show the destructive effects of totalitarianism
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Human accountability is nonexistent in a world where the totalitarian regime is never-ending (“1984” 240). A visualization example is given to Winston when he and Julia are undergoing torture:
“O’Brien gives Winston an image of the future: a boot stomping on a human face, forever and ever” (“1984” 240). Dictation consistently triumphs, and multiple beings are innocently defeated with no explanation as to why (“1984” 242). An excessively cruel government brutalizes anyone possessing desires in remaining righteous (Stewart). Through it all, Winston contains perseverance and pushes through severe pain while ignoring the hurt (Rae). Orwell created a horrific scenario where such a citizen as Winston, who rebels is cast away. The narrator resists authoritative forces and takes part in something that is outlawed by the Party: he maintains a personal book (Burt). Winston craves a chance to be unique, to have his own ability to reason, to have intimate space to utilize; these wants are all outlawed by authoritative leaders such the Party and Big Brother. Authorities have placed environmental restrictions, and citizens lack place to be oneself (Glover). The narrator is persistent in refusing to partake in monstrous Big Brother. All in all, after betrayal emerges, Winston becomes faithful to authoritative figures
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