Consequences Of The Film 'The Boy In The Striped Pajamas'

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Remembrance: Passing the Baton Education is a freedom that can sometimes be taken for granted in the United States. When it comes to educating our youth, most people would agree that it is important, but when it comes to choosing what topics children should be taught there is still debate. From controversy over banning certain books to controversy over banning topics in some subjects, the nation is still trying to figure out what is best for future generations to know. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has not only made it clear that they believe children should be taught about the Holocaust, but they also provide many resources for teachers to implement curriculum. Not only is it appropriate to teach children about the Holocaust, but there are also many pros to doing so as well as specific ways of going about the lessons. Historians find facts about the past, educators pass the baton to their students and give the past…show more content…
The movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas provides a small bit of insight. The film follows the everyday life of a young boy, Bruno, whose family moves to Poland from Berlin because of his father’s rank in the Nazi Party. The family’s new home is near a concentration camp and the boy befriends a prisoner his same age when he happens upon the camp. The lack of education Bruno is given about the war efforts ends up costing him his life. While the film is not intended for children, it does send a clear message about the consequences of keeping children naïve, but there are far less extreme reasons for children to learn about the Holocaust. Many people say that the Holocaust must never be forgotten so that it will serve as a reminder and never occur again, but history cannot be remembered if it is not taught to younger generations who did not experience the
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