Consequences Of Cyber Security And Security In An Organization

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Malware protection is another factor to appreciate, as this vice can lead to significant losses to an organization as it corrupts available data for use. The various networks that are used by business firms should consider adhering to network design principles that uphold the security standards set in place. The organizational staff using the different accounts of the company should be limited, and very few individuals should only access the administrator database. Moreover, the various user activities should be regularly monitored and consider changing of account passwords or deleting none existing accounts (Wolden et al., 2015).
Organization should further consider taking strict measures on the different vendors attached to the organization
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However, breach or organizational data include interference with aspects of the intellectual property, revealing of trade secrets through fraud, access to consumer information without official permission among other risks. On the other hand, sabotage includes the attack that is often directed to service, for example, sending of bogus messages to people or efforts by the cyber criminals to disable organizational systems among other significant issues (Knowles et al., 2016).
Cyber attacks result in several losses in organizations that disrupt their routine operations, an aspect that impairs the management control system of an organization (Dutta, Lawson, & Marcinko, 2016). However, despite the enormous losses incurred by organizations over the decades as a result of the cyber attack, it is imperative to appreciate that only a few crimes are reported or give adequate detail on the damage that is experienced. Moreover, most of the cyber crime incidents go undetected for years especially in the industrial fraud of accessing company confidential information. In the case of undetected security breach, companies are disadvantaged while working in the market as their reputation is damaged and the fact that competitors gain access to their sensitive information and use it against the business. To manage the situation, it is important to appreciate the fact that there should be an effective global approach as criminals operate on an international
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