Consequences Of Cheating

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Can’t Cheat the Cheater: Consequences of Cheating. It was Danial’s birthday and Angela planned to surprise him. Angela bought some flowers and cake, then secretly went to his house. What she found was unbelievable; Danial was already married and also had two kids. He was cheating on Angela since the beginning of their relationship. All of Angela’s dreams were gone, and she felt guilty dating Danial. This is one like of cheating. Nevertheless, cheating comes in many shapes and configurations such as physical cheating, emotional cheating, cyber cheating, and text message cheating. Physical cheating is the act of liking someone for sexual activity outside of the relationship. Emotional cheating is the way cheaters find themselves sharing thoughts,…show more content…
He said, “I was with my wife for seven years and had inappropriate relationships with countless women during that time, including sex with about 20 of them. Only one of those interludes lasted past the euphoria phase of about 90 days” (Brown 1). He also loves his wife, but he ends up getting caught cheating. He thought cheating is what men are made for. He said, “My wife didn’t call it quits immediately. We wanted to fight for our marriage, but she began morphing into someone she didn’t deserve to be. She’d check phone records and call the other woman. About three months after my confession, she left” (1). He wants to work on their relationship, but by the time he realizes his mistake it was too late. It was impossible for them to get back together. He realized, “My indiscriminate treatment of women complicated not only my life, but also the lives of others. In retrospect, I wish I’d been caught cheating 10 years ago” (1). Cheating on his wife ended up hurting him at the end. He said, “My life now is in the midst of a tsunami: I have a child with a woman I don’t love. Every day, I struggle to maintain healthy boundaries with her and co-parent our son effectively. I lost my best friend and life partner, and it was my own fault. I ruined our relationship. And I can truly say I’m over the chase” (2). The main reason men cheat in the relationship is for sex and most men think cheating is part of the…show more content…
Internet cheating can be fascinated by observing if, • He is spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet, especially time that used to be spent with you. • He abruptly stops typing or turns off the computer in your presence. • Your mate does not like to check his e-mail in front of you, or if he keeps multiple e-mail accounts. • He has several unexpected meetings with people you don 't know. • Your mate regularly visits dating sites on the Internet. • There are unusual credit card charges from unknown Internet merchants (Hughes
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