Conrad’s Ordinary Life

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Conrad was a suicidal boy who didn’t know what to do with his life. Confused and hopeless someone needed to help, shape his life around and make everything better. Someone with experience, someone to help make him better, someone to help turn his whole life around. His brother died and he witnessed it. When Conrad witnessed a death of a close one his soul and heart were broken for ever and it needs someone to help heal and bandage it up. He also heard about the girl he was in the hospital with committed suicide at the end of the book. He was devastated and he didn't know what to do, so we would go to talk to one person he trusted which was Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger changed his whole life around and helped him be a man that he always wanted to be. Conrad looked up to his brother, that was his role model and he couldn't do anything to help him in the last moments of Buck’s life. Dr. Berger helped him in so many ways, get through obstacles he would of never got through alone. Not only was Dr. Berger his Doctor but he was his friend, his only friend he could really trust. Dr. Berger helped Conrad get his life more in “control”.
First, Dr. Berger helped Conrad quit the swim team. He didn't do it for him but he encouraged him to do it. Conrad came out and told Berger what was really bothering him and told him it was the swim team. Conrad told Berger that the coach had to guys who could make it father because they could swim better than him (Guest 78). Berger asks him why he didn’t want to quit but Conrad think he will look stupid if he quit. Berger tells him, “Forget how it looks. How does it feel?” (Guest 79). Berger is showing him that is doesn’t matter what other people think about him or how he will look, but to do the things he want...

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...rm you.
In conclusion, Conrad’s life has changed and for the better all because of Dr. Berger. He witnessed his own brother die and Karen one of his close friends from the hospital, commit suicide. Conrad went into Dr. Berger’s office thinking he didn’t need help and that he was fine. He was wrong Conrad was at a point in his life where he needed someone to talk to, because his mom cared too little and his dad cared too much. Berger soon became his friend and got close to Conrad; they became friends. Berger told him to do things and go for things he would have never thought about doing. He made Conrad feel like he was normal again and Conrad then always would want to go to the meetings to talk. Dr. Berger changed Conrad’s entire world and made it so much better and helped him go through things he couldn’t go through alone.

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Conrad’s Ordinary Life
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