Connectivity And Its Discontent By Sherry Turkle

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In Sherry Turkle’s essay, “Connectivity and Its Discontents” discusses the issue that technology is becoming a growing problem in today’s society. The reason being that we sacrifice conversations with people to stay connected to our smart phones or laptops. We as a species are now, more than ever choosing to stay connected to our devices then having conversations with our family, friends, and coworkers. Because, in today’s society we find it to be much easier to converse through technology due to having overworked and over scheduled lives to stay connected. But, the adverse effect of technology is causing people to have unsatisfied relationships. Shown in Turkle’s essay when Ellen grows closer to her grandmother with the use of skype but, feels…show more content…
The reason being that we converse through technology more often than having direct contacts with each other. Due to this people feel disconnected from one another in how they show emotions through their actions, mannerisms, and how they present themselves speaking by text rather the face to face contact. For example, when Turkle went to a convention in Japan she noticed that no one was paying any attention to the presenter nor was anyone speaking to each other in the hallways. But, were rather staying connected to their smart phone or laptops. Which is the main reason why I choose to agree with Turkle because I am personally unsatisfied with my relationships. I am a full-time student who has a full-time job at a warehouse and a strict workout schedule that must be done to achieve my life goals. Causing me to have less time for myself and those I love. But, when I do have time for myself of my loved ones I try to converse with them through technology as often as possible; for that I do not loss those relationships that I hold valuable to my heart. As I have grown closer to my friends and family my reliance to using technology has grown with the unsatisfied feeling in the relationships. The reason being that I have no general knowledge in how they are truly expressing themselves by their body language and tone of

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