Connection Between the Texts of Justice

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Connection Between Texts The aim of this assignment is to convey to the different concepts of Justice. They have existed for many years and have been shaping all sorts of ideals followed by many societies, since the beginning of human culture. The concepts tend to define what is morally, divinely and politically right or wrong. Therefore I have chosen four different texts to illustrate my opinion and draw a few conclusions. The texts I used were Death Note, a Japanese manga series created by Tsugumi Ohba, Kill Bill Vol. II and I, written and directed by Tarantino, V of Vendetta, filmed and directed by James McTeigue and written by Wachowsky Brothers, and Pulp Fiction, also written and directed by Tarantino. I feel that those texts have enough manifestations of concepts of justice and hold plenty information for the reader to reflect, not only what it means, but if Justice itself can be judged simply by stating it as right or wrong. The first example of Justice comes from the text Death Note. By analysing Death Note, by Tsugumi Ohba, we can see how the concept of justice is used to describe the feelings of two different characters that directly confront each other. Both characters have a very strong of what we call “sense of justice”, equally acknowledging the idea of Justice, but looking at it from different perspectives. The series Death Note, mainly concentrates on the cat-and-mouse game between the two main characters, Kira and L. Kira is a teenager, whose since a very young age has been bombarded by the media with news of horrifying cases involving murderer, rape, crimes and many other types of violence. Being of a higher than average IQ, Kira is badly affected and therefore felt responsible to achieve justice when the op... ... middle of paper ... ... death is one of the keys to understand what justice really means. The essence of it will always be the same, justice is and will always be just an idea, and like V said, ideas never die. V’s attitude ends up triggering a revolution in London where every single person goes on the streets, shouting together, claiming for their rights. Honesty is what they want; nobody wants to be fooled anymore. V is the only character in my research that transfer his inner justice into millions of people’s hearts showing that, most of the times, people do share a similar “moral code”, and showing how some types of injustice can be felt for more than one person. V proves to the population that sometimes what is labeled as politically wrong isn’t necessarily wrong and that all ideas that have already been embraced by society can change, as they have always changed in the past.
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