Connection Between Art and Video Games

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Spending your free free times in the day are spent on mindless video games that are a waste of time to some people. Then again, there might just be other reasons for playing these video games. Video games can be played on many different levels like playing for fun, the story, or the hardcore gameplays. These variations and more are the reasons why people still play video games today. They keep many people entertained in the long run. In any case, there just might be another element to video games that give gamers another aspect to these creations and that is the subject of art. Some might say that these mindless video games can never be considered art because of comparison to artists who are musicians, poets, writers, or even painters. This is how I am going to connect video games and art.

First off, we have to define what the meaning of art is. There are multiple of definitions of this word that is out in the world, but the closest definition that I consider is my own definition of it and that is the creation of one’s work with the effort of skill and creativeness to create a piece of work that pertains to your emotions such as music or a painting. There are too many works of art in the world to be able to count, but only a few are brought out to be shown throughout the world. This is how great works of art becomes a master piece.

Now we need to determine whether or not if video games can be considered as a work of

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art. Lets look at some of the stories that these video games have created for us. Many video games have created great story lines for a gamer to get themselves attached the the characters in side as if you were watching a movie. Even though there are those games that have no story in them that are j...

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...hich you will be playing in for the rest of that game. The artistic works that are to be put in the game are meant to place players right into the action of the game so they can become more in depth of the game. By doing this, the player is now more involved in the actual gameplay in the game so he or she will know what to react to when the time comes.

In the end, video games, in a way, can have a strong connection between art. This shows how video games are not meant just to waste someone’s time over it but to be looked upon as a medium of art. It can be difficult for some people to look at this subject and agree with me in this way, but there is hope to do so. This connection between video games and art is a way to show how the world has changed over years to consider what is what. Art can be shown almost anywhere in the world and video games has its own part to.
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