Connecting The Dots By Shinichi Hoshi

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Sakari Singleton Sexton English 2 May 30, 2014 Connecting the Dots Shinichi Hoshi's writings and short stories were majorly influenced by his country's culture and history, his surroundings, and also his family background. Japan is an island in the pacific with a land area of 140,728 square miles and a total area of 145,913 square miles. The climate there is mainly subtropical and has many unusual high rainfalls. There, typhoons are common and usually occur between the months of August and October ("Weather in Japan" 1). Japan was founded by the Emperor Simmu in the 7th century, their people are known to have mostly likely came from Korea, Siberia, and China. Japan shut off all relations for 251 years when missionaries arrived there but in 1854 they were forced by Commodore Matthew Perry to open to the West. This led to “Invasion wars that exploited and killed thousands of people in mainland China (1895) and Russia (1905) and led to the annexation by Japan of Korea, Taiwan and other territories” (“Japan's History - Complete Overview” 1). Japan eventually led the U.S.A into World War II after invasions and the attack on U.S Pearl Harbor. Japanese surrendered to U.S August 15, 1945 after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They remained under U.S occupation until having an economic recovery in 1952, but to this day major U.S military still remains there. Japan has a constitutional democracy and has a bicameral government. The emperor is only the symbol of the state and unity of the people but The Diet is "the highest organ of state power", known as the core of Japan's system and is over the executive power (Web Japan 1-2). Japan is one of the most highly developed nations, manufa... ... middle of paper ... ... a certain village not far from the city had suffered damage." (Shinichi Hoshi,1) Citation page “Encyclopedia of the Nations”. Foreign Trade. 28 May,2014. “Japan's History - Complete Overview”. Japan's History - Complete Overview. 27 May,2014 Kalman,Bobbie. Japan the Culture. Ontario: Cabtree Publishing Company.Print “The Hoshi Library| Awards”. The Hoshi Library| Awards. 28 May, 2014. “The Hoshi Library| Profile”. The Hoshi Library| Profile. 27 May,2014. <> "Weather in Japan." Weather in Japan. 27 May 2014. WebJapan.GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURE.<

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