Congress Of Vienna Essay

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The backgrounds and decisions of the statesmen at the Congress of Vienna helped influence the rise of nationalism in 19th century Europe by introducing a balance of Power in Europe along with conservative policies. The goal of the Congress was, foremost, maintaining the status quo in Europe. With the growing discontent throughout the continent as well as the threat of revolutions looming, the Congress focused its attention inwards. At the time of the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Europe was in a state of unrest, having recently witnessed the rise of Napoleon. The Congress served as a meeting of the greatest powers in Europe at the time, allowing them to set up a new structure for Europe, as well as determine the redistribution of the borders…show more content…
However, as the British government stated, the problem of universal Alliance for the peace and happiness of the world had only ever been one of speculation and had never been put into practice. The balance of powers had many successes, such as the completion and implementation of the federal constitution of Germany;
 the suppression of revolutions in Naples, Piedmont, Spain, and the Danubian Principalities by international action, without serious European quarrels; 
the prevention of war between Russia and Turkey for seven years (1821 to 1828), and a moderate end to that war after it did break out;
 the prompt recognition of a new government in France after the revolution of 1830;
 the prevention of international conflict in 1830-1832 over revolts in Italy, Germany, and Poland;
 the managing of civil wars in Spain and Portugal without great-power conflict. However, it fell apart during the Crimean War. The system worked to try and stop any changes to the status quo, which might cause even the slightest possibility of a revolution or new beliefs forming. In addition to limiting the sovereignty of states, the balance of powers forced smaller states to accept solutions decided by the great
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