Conformity In The Play Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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From the beginning of modern civilization those in a society have tried their best to join the status quo. Everyone feels that they look and act the same as others around them as to reassure themselves that they are normal and that they will be accepted into society. This type of conformity is seen greatly throughout the play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in its main characters George, Martha, Nick and Honey. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf shows how a typical family is supposed to look to the outside, prim and polished, but which secretly holds their own internal problems that eventually spill out for all to see, in turn forcing their supposed peace in conformity to become chaos in their reality. It is not unseen in today’s society that…show more content…
From the early modernization of America conformity took its stride. In the times of the early nineteen hundred generations were all trying to find their own form of social stability. But there were still those outliers who decided that they wanted to stand out from the rest to rise to a different occasion. This can be seen in many different most known are the flappers of the nineteen twenties as they were the women who didn’t want to dress how society told them to and they didn’t want to act how society told them to act which caused a lot of controversy in their time. The reason so many people found what these women were doing to be so outlandish was because they were bringing chaos in the worlds feeling of conformity. With the rise of consumerism and the growing middle class those of this time wanted to find a new identity with their rising status. With the swift and rapid growth of the country came the battle between the old way of living and the new. The shift from traditional farm life and living to a modern age of radio and cinematic movies caused a clash of which process will now become the new way of living which will become the next wave of American society. The constant battle between what was accepted and what wasn’t in the early nineteen hundred is seen greatly seen through The Scopes "Monkey" Trial as it caused a large problem with old conformity as scopes wanted to teach about evolution and not creationism. This challenge of old Christian conformity was a huge hit to those who only lives peacefully in their blind ignorance. But times must change and with the case came a new way of thinking that warped the perception of what is right in their society and set a standard that still hold in school systems today. The roaring twenties and the early nineteen hundred caused a lot of challenges to be made on the system that the country had been using for so long
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