Conformity In Cool Hand Luke

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Cool Hand Luke is a film that starts off with the main character Luke. Luke has done crimes and has to go to prison while there he tries to escape three times before he dies. During this film, there are signs of the three social psychological themes which are conformity, non-conformity, and obedience to authority. In this essay, I will be explaining all these three themes with their examples from the film. To understand these themes in the film, it is essential to understand what each team really means. Conformity is when a person changes their behavior or beliefs in order to be accepted by a group (McLeod, S.A., 2016). Nonconformity is the opposite in which one doesn 't conform (Collins English Dictionary). Finally, obedience to authority…show more content…
In the film, there are examples of not only conformity but also with obedience to authority. One of these is the prisoners have a leader which happens to be the biggest of them all, Dragline. They do whatever he says and follows what he does, which they see him as their authority and conform to him. Moving to just conformity there are few examples. In one of the scenes Luke 's mother visits him in prison, while she is there she asks him why he couldn 't be like her and why he hasn 't found a house to himself meaning, why he couldn 't figure out what to do with his life. By this, she is asking why he isn 't conforming to society by being "normal" because, obeying authority and everyone doing the same thing is normal, to her he should also follow this. Another example is while in the egg contest when Luke wins everyone sees him as their leader which is very clear when they lay him down and he has his arms and legs the way Jesus had when he died. Many people know the position Jesus was in and because he was a leader of a religious group. Therefore in the movie, that scene symbolized Luke as the leader. Luke himself is a very non-conforming character in the movie and from this example, we could see how he isn 't conforming. By agreeing to eat 50 eggs, which is seen as impossible to do, he is not conforming. This could also be one of the reasons behind others seeing him as their

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