Conformism In Society

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“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions (Burroughs 110).” In today’s society everyone and everything is constantly changing and conforming to what the new trends are or what is “right”. This is a world where it can be extremely difficult for individuals to truly be an individual and be themselves. Although, there are many people who blindly conform to society and follow what everyone else is doing, there are also the leaders. The leaders are those individuals who choose to not follow the herd and truly become their own person. These are not the people who blend in and become invisible, but instead are the people who stick out and are satisfied with who they really are. They are the individuals that seem to say accept me for who I am or don’t accept me at all because either way it doesn’t really matter to them. Whether these individuals are awesome, a bit peculiar, or are way of the ordinary doesn’t even matter because the individuals are content with themselves and being in their own world is perfectly okay with them. The non-conformist of the world are everywhere and are not one bit ashamed of who they are or what they have become. They have embraced their flaws and are not afraid to show it. Today, it is very easy for people to be whoever they want to be and to act the way they want to act. However, it has not always been this way. In the 1600s, society had a completely different perspective on people, especially the Puritans. The Puritans and society as a whole believed everyone should talk, act, and dress a certain way. If there was ever an individual who did not conform to the Puritan’s way of life then they were simply shunned and everyone looked down upon him or her. In the novel The Sc... ... middle of paper ... ...s mind instead of exposing him to the town. Using diction, Dimmesdale states to Hester that to him Chillingworth has committed a crime worse than what they did because he violated the “…sanctity of a human heart (Hawthorne 203).” Through Dimmesdale’s words it is noticeable that it really upsets and bothers him and how much he dislikes Chillingworth. Chillingworth’s last destruction is when he talks to the Commander Indian so he can get a job as a doctor on his boat; which happens to be the same boat Dimmesdale, Hester, and Pearl are taking to England. This is representing his individuality as being destructive because he is letting all his hate get the best of him and it seems as if he doesn’t want to let them experience the happiness of being together. Also, he is basically proving that, like a leech, he won’t leave them alone until he feels as if his work is done.
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