Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Working in a team environment will bring about its challenges. The main challenge to overcome is conflict within the team. Conflicts will happen in a team environment, whether a team is an academic learning team or a business team. How the team members handle the conflict, will determine whether the result is either a positive outcome or a negative outcome. Challenges of Conflict Resolutions When a conflict arises in a team environment, and the odds are it, will how the team handles the conflict, will either result in a positive or negative outcome. Conflict in itself is not the problem. It is rather, our reactions to it that determines the impact, and thus cause us to characterize it as a negative experience. Conflict or divergence can be destructive or it can be constructive. (Porter, 2003, 1) Most of the time a conflict occurs when a member of the team disagrees with the other members. If this conflict of interest is not solved, it can bring distractions within the team. The team will lose its focus of what needs to be accomplished. The conflict will eventually cause the team to break apart, and team members will no longer be able to function as a whole. Many companies do not have conflict resolution strategies. Without strategies, not only will the members of the team be affected, but the organization will be affected as well. "Conflict distracts as organization from focusing on solving problems and causes it to perform inefficiently" (Huber, 2007) Many times the manager and or team leader does not have conflict resolution skills. This brings about many challenges for team as a whole unit. Too often, managers treat such disputes as distinct from other aspects of business deal making. Some behave as if resolving a di... ... middle of paper ... ...erences Adkins, Ben. (2006). Adjust you point of view in order to resolve conflict. Fort Worth Business Press, 19(9), p43-43. Retrieved September 3, 2007, from EBSCOhost database. Bordone, Robert C. & Moffett, Michael L. (2206). Create Value out of Conflict. Negotiation, p3-5. Retrieved September 3, 2007, from EBSCOhost database. Hoffman, Elizabeth A. (2006). Exit and Voice: Organizational Loyalty and Dispute Resolution Strategies. Social Forces, 84(4), p2313-2330. Retrieved September 3, 2007, from EBSCOhost database. Huber, Bill. (2007). Maintenance and Operations Conflict. Rock Products, 110(7), p16-16. Retrieved September 1, 2007, from EBSCOhost database. Krivis, Jeffrey. (2006). Can we call a truce? Ten tips for negotiating workplace conflicts. Employment Relations today (Wiley), 33(3), p31-35. Retrieved September 3, 2007, from EBSCOhost database.
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