Conflict Resolution Analysis

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Apart from that, the company can apply a series of thoughtfully applied steps to prevent and minimize conflicts from happening in future in their workplace. Firstly, every worker in the workplace has to be positive if they want to work in a better and peaceful environment. When a worker is behaving positively, it is more difficult for others to influence and behave badly towards the worker. It is proven that positive people are better in dealing with challenges, stress and anxiety while handling their job in their workplace and therefore reducing the possibility to be involved in serious conflict. As a manager and a role model in the company, the manager should give the employees some positive feedback in order for them to feel as though their work is being appreciated. In this company, the manager should be creative and build up confidence when solving a conflict so that the workers can look up into them and learn the good ways in solving a conflict. Brainstorming is one of the techniques that the manager can have in mind by gathering creative ideas from the subordinates and solve the conflict together as a group. They should write down the possible solution and decide the best solution to resolve the problem. It is important for all the workers in this company to think outside of the box and be negotiable when dealing with conflict resolution. Self-confidence is essential as every worker has to have this personality to achieve the organization goals. For example, the top management and supervisor should not afraid of any confrontation by the employees and shy away from dealing with it. Instead, they must be self-assured and deal with the employees no matter what circumstances they have to face because they are the leaders of th... ... middle of paper ... ...e manager should also seek for a win-win solution in handling a conflict. The manager should improve the relationship and come to a conclusion that is fair and beneficial to all parties involved. Balancing courage and consideration is fundamental for helping the organization to reach new heights. This is powerful as the manager stop struggling to resolve conflict but create opportunity out of it. In summary, there are no miraculous ways when dealing with conflicts. Each person in an organization has to take their initiative and think of a good solution to solve a company’s conflict. However, having experience and good understanding of the conflict’s nature will help you to deal with it positively. As a professional leader or manager, it is mandatory to bring the best proficiency and planning to overcome the conflict in a constructive, respectful and positive manner.