Conflict Resolution Analysis

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A conflict is a situation where two parties do not agree with a certain topic and many times use conflict behavior to reach goals that are incompatible, or may express aggression towards each other. Many of us have been in a conflict situation a time or two with themselves, a worker and/or other peers and cannot manage or resolve the issue. Creating conflict resolution strategies for people does not prevent conflicts from happening however, being able to inform and educate people can help manage and lessen conflicts. Here are a few ways you can manage and resolve conflicts by, identifying the types of conflicts, focus on the overall communication system, and compromise a solution that would be acceptable for both parties.
The main focus that we need to identify is that we need to first understand the situation at hand. We also need to identify and understand the conflict between the two parties. In order to really understand the conflict you must first know what type of conflict it is. Understanding the situation will help you out to decide what the possible outcomes will be. How you respond to and resolve conflict will enable or limit your success. The following are the principles of conflict. First understand that conflict is natural. Understanding conflict in relationships is very important. People have been involved with conflict since the beginning of time. Disagreements are inevitable especially when one person means a lot to another. Co-workers interact more effectively when working as a team however, you enjoy getting work done on your own. You believe that money being spent should be enjoyed, your other half believes money should be spent wisely. Conflicts occurs from differences, ranging from small conflict to bigger con...

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...disagreement was handled. One main reason that conflict are not handled properly, is because majority of the time it will involve intense feelings, that will result in many people not appropriately addressing it or expressing it correctly (Wood, 2013). It is a difficult situation to manage when your feelings towards someone you care for are resentment, angry or even disappointment. Lastly, not all conflict are negative some may be good for relationships and individual. There are some positive effects of conflict situations, for instance diffusion of more serious conflicts (Filley, 1975). Activities can be used to balance the attitudes of people by creating a challenging situation that can release tension with the conflicting individuals or parties, and also create entertainment value. Another positive effect is stimulation of a search for new facts or resolutions.
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