Conflict Reflection

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1. Last television show I watched was Real Housewife of New York. In this show they constantly have conflicts, but there was one specific issue that I remember. The conflict was between cast member Romana and Kristen. In short, Ramona had an issue with Kristen because she felt Kristen was insensitive towards Bethany, who is going through nasty divorce. The whole crew is planning a vacation, but Bethany is having issues with travel dates. They met at a photo shoot, and Kristen addressed the question of who is going to the trip, and Bethany got very upset. Later, Ramona decided to approach Kristen and let her know that she should be more considerate about Bethany’s situation. Although, Ramona approached Kristen aggressively and called her stupid…show more content…
During the week one, I wrote about the conflict I am having with my husband regarding buying a powerboat. Literally, through this class I realized that we have been just yelling at each other and not hearing anything. For this reason, one night I suggested to him to talk and genuinely listen to each other without interruptions. Communication strategies can assist in conflict process and lead to favorable resolution. In our conflict we used active listening, which mean attentive listening without interrupting or demanding other party to agree (Topic 2.1). The active listening gave us opportunity to be heard, and afterwards we were able to indentify both positions about the boat purchase. Another key point in the communication strategy is bias and perceptual errors; which means individuals judges the situation based on past experiences or upbringing, and actually not knowing the real facts (Topic 2.2). After we had several ineffective arguments, my husband did research, and he brought me cost fact sheets, that had detailed information about affordability of the boat. At first, I felt he was strategizing, and still felt he was trying to win this argument. However, after analyzing the fact sheet I saw that he was being reasonable with size and cost of the boat. Then I realized, my bias and perceptions were shadowing my judgment , as I thought of all boats to be expensive (Topic 2.2). In my childhood both of my parents were working and we did not have luxury items. My dad…show more content…
In my week two assignment I mentioned my friends problem with her partner, so I have been practicing with her active listen , maybe that could help her. As I have been taking this class, I have recognized that active listening is not that easy task to do as it sounds. Especially hard is to control the urge of asking questions right away, not thinking of the answer in my head or giving instance advise. While I was actively listening to her and reflecting what she was saying, I noticed she was starting to find answers for herself without my advice. In other words, she began to understand the miscommunication aspect. As known, culture has influence on ways of communication, that can create miscommunication and perceptual error. For instance, she is from Ukraine and he is from America, he wants to be main caregiver to their baby, where she sees that unreasonable as she is a mother. In Ukrainian culture mother is the primary caregiver for a child when people separate. Also, I felt she opened up more and gave me more details on the circustances, which created a better picture of the situation. In the past I was just giving her advise and not truly listening to her, but now I beginging to understand her. Therefore, once individual sees they are being really heard and understood they see the opportunity to freely express themselves (Topic 2.1). I have learned from this experience that, often people just want to be heard without any judgment or advise, which creates the

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