Conflict Of Character Vs. The World And The Paper Bag Princess 's Suitcase

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Conflict is the hurdle between characters of a story which create worries for the readers about the next plot of that story and which will be resolved in the next plot. Children’s literature can only engage the reader and make the story successful on the basis of conflict. Conflict produces the drama and which makes their readers more involved in that story. In literary elements, there are three common of conflict in a story: 1. Character vs Character 2. Character vs the world 3. Character vs him/herself. (module 2). Hana’s suitcase story has conflict of character versus the world and The Paper Bag Princess’s story has conflict of character versus society. There are the two different conflicts in the two stories. In Hana’s suitcase, Hana is the character who is struggling against the world for her and her families’ survival, so it is character vs society. The Paper Bag Princess’s story has the character Princess Elizabeth, who is fighting for getting her Prince back from the dragon and it is part of nature so this story has conflict of character vs natural world. Both Princess and Hana have the common factors of hope, but the way they have been categorized and how they defeated their enemies are different for both. . Both stories relates to a young girl’s character and puts strong impact on each reader. The Hana’s story passes the message of how the Holocaust have damaged and happened because of the hatred against the Jews. The Elizabeth is having dreams of getting married to her prince and dragon destroyed everything of hers. Levine has tried to show the purity of Hana and how suddenly everything was taken away from her. Munsch has shown the power and determination of Princess Elizabeth when her prince gets kidnapped and everyt... ... middle of paper ... ...agon which shows that she acts clever and smart ‘“Wait! Wait!” Elizabeth said. “Are you fierce dragon?” “Oh yes!” said the dragon”’ (Munsch 5). Munsch’s story tells that the person’s power does not depend on the age. Princess Elizabeth stays happy and Hana dies after their fearless fights with nature and society respectively. In these two stories, main characters are having a common thing of hope and willingness to fight. Hana is having the hope that one day her family will meet and live happily afterwards. Princess Elizabeth hops that she will get her prince back who was kidnapped by the dragon. These stories are also about categorizing, but on different perspectives. In Hana’s Suitcase categorization is based on society and The Paper Bag Princess categorization is based on looks. The difference between the stories are the way they are fighting against their enemies

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