Conflict In Sonny's Blues

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The short story Sonny’s Blues was written by an author name James Baldwin in (1957). The setting of Sonny and his older brother took place in NYC. Sonny’s was the younger brother who always wanted and dream of giving out the hood in NYC know as Harlem. However, Sonny’s brother is more focused on his self than his brother. The oldest son was more focused on his wife not too much on trying to get out of Harlem. The story was based on brothers who lost both their parents. The older son was responsible for Sonny’s to make sure he did not get in trouble and end up like his father. Their father was a very nonchalant person and the mother seen signs of it in Sonny. So after the parents had passed away Sonny will always tell his older…show more content…
You have one brother name Sonny who truly want to leave Harlem because, he don’t want to be in all the bad things that the other kids were in. Sonny had high hopes on going to India. He just really wanted to leave all his misery in Harlem and truly start over fresh. On the other hand, Sonny’s brother was too much engaged in his own life that he lost sight of everything his mother told him to do. He basically let his brother fall into everything his mother told him not to. Sonny brother was a math teacher who was married so his life basically was all good, so the care for his brother of course went out of the door. In of course everything for Sonny went downhill when he returned to Harlem because he still had to come back to a town he didn’t want live in. Sonny house was raid for heroin and Sonny was taking in to custody where he started to get help to better himself. Sonny brother felt so trouble that he let his brother become like the others. Their main conflict is that they are two different people. They do not have the same personality so of course they have a hard time communicating to one other. In as brother who both lost their parents it’s kind of hard to be a man in take care of your only sibling because, you guys are so

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