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The different types of conflicts in the book, “No Promises in the Wind” and the movie, “The Journey of Natty Gann” will be thoroughly analyzed in this essay. The order of the conflicts in this essay will be: man vs. himself, man vs. man, man vs. society, and man vs. nature. The last paragraph will be where I reflect on the book and the movie. The reader should keep in mind that both the movie and book take place in the great depression. The main protagonist in the book is Josh Grondowski. The main character in the movie is Natalie Gann. Natalie is mostly referred to as Natty. Man vs. himself is the first conflict that I will elaborate today. Josh Grondowski had a man vs. himself conflict on page 89. Josh emotionally thought to himself, “Give me a chance, Pete Harris…” Josh was relying so much on Pete for his well being that if Pete said no to him, Josh might cry in frustration and sadness. He would have no one to lean on emotionally and physically. Natty had a similar conflict in her adventure. When Natty was put into that dark room in the juvenile detention center, she had a mini ...

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