Conflict Case Study

Judy is a married, employed, middle-aged woman. Lou is a married, unemployed, middle-aged man. Judy and Lou have been married for twenty-two years. Their daughter Sarah is a fifteen-year-old girl. The daughter is extremely bright and articulate. This family has come to therapy now because Judy believes Sarah is the problem. According to Judy, Sarah needs to go to school and stay in school and that Sarah’s boyfriend, Jason, is a bad influence. However, Lou desires the family to be closer through spending time together. As for Sarah, she would like things to get easier, be comfortable, and not feel ignored. The family attempts to communicate together about the problem, but the arguments tend to escalate. Judy is a hard worker and is determined to keep the family together while Lou has been looking for a job. Lou has been unemployed for about eleven months. Additionally, Sarah enjoys going to school and is concerned about getting behind in school. However,…show more content…
In this case, the avoidant attachment style is playing out by the mother. The mother does not understand what her daughter needs because the shift in the family cycle. Judy needs to recognize that it is natural to worry about her daughter but she needs to let her daughter evolve. However, the main source of conflict comes from Judy’s expectation of receiving the same treatment she had with her parents. Judy depicts as a teenager that she came home on time based on her dad’s expectation, but Sarah tries to explain that things are not the same nowadays. Sarah depicts that nowadays people go out at night. Also, Judy demonstrates that she used to confide in her mom about everything and wishes for Sarah to do the same. However, Sarah tries to depict to her mother that kids nowadays do not tell their parents everything. Although the family have difficulties communicating, they will be able to resolve their problems
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