Conflict Analysis: Management Style And Conflict Resolution

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Option 2-Management Style and Conflict Resolution Conflict is an inevitable part of life that occurs when people have incompatible interests, experiences, feelings, or ideals (Meier, 2011). How people respond to conflict can either benefit or harm the direction of the disagreement. Having a better understanding on how to respond to conflict, especially in work environments, can greatly reduce work stress and quarrels from escalating. Through strategies and processes to manage conflict, members of management can uncover the best possible resolution of a conflict situation to preserve relationships and improve communication and trust.
Conflict Resolution and Management Styles Overcoming conflict between employees is essential for resuming
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The five modes of conflict resolution, or ways of dealing with conflict include, competition, collaboration, compromise, avoidance, and accommodation (TKI, 2007). The five modes of conflict resolution allow managers to discuss conflict in an open and productive manner. Through TKI, managers are able to choose an effective conflict management style based on the current conflict situation to prevent the escalation of conflict in the workplace (CPP,…show more content…
Variables such as time constraints and importance of relationships as they relate to the issue at hand often determine the strategies used to overcome conflict (CPP, 2016). For instance, compromise is often the best strategy for handling conflicts that are subject to important issues that require quick resolution. However, compromise does not foster innovation to overcome obstacles or satisfy either party during resolution. Collaboration is a method of conflict resolution that strives to make sure that both sides of a disagreements are satisfied. It requires open communication to uncover issues and concerns resulting in conflict, as well as alternative solutions. Collaboration requires strong commitment and honesty from all parties to be successful in overcoming conflict. Therefore, managements role is vital in uncovering concerns in a friendly manner that can encourages communication to unite different perspectives on a problem (Huebsch, n.d.). In addition, collaboration fosters consideration of concerns on the subject of controversy by repairing relationships, including the work relationship between Devin and
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