Confidentiality In Nursing Essay

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Confidentiality in health care is a growing concern as nurses are often faced with the challenges of reacting to question regarding patient’s progress (McGowan, 2012). Confidentiality as defined by Gregory, Raymond-Seniuk, Patrick and Stephen (2015) is the promise given to a person that his or her personal information will not be disclosed randomly if no consent has been given regardless of who is seeking such information (p.600). This paper will attempt to explore the concept of confidentiality as a sensitive issue, challenges that nurses face as they try to protect patient’s health information and some guidelines that govern protection of information and when this information can be divulged. Achieving privacy of information and avoiding…show more content…
It would be heart wrenching and disturbing for a patient, when he has disclosed information to the nurse in confidence to have it come back to him or her especially in this era of social media where information spreads like wild fire and curtailing it may be difficult. The responsibility is on nurses to minimize the use of social media and take care to mind the information posted on them. Nurses are professionals; as a result, society expects better behavior and relationship with people.

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