Confessions By Saint Augustine, Confessions

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In Saint Augustine, Confessions, he writes about his journey of finding God and Christianity. Opening each book with a prayer to God, he start off with the sin of being an infant. He then moves on to his school years and what he refers to as his sinful youth. Afterwards he writes of his adult years and the moments leading up to his conversion. He ends the autobiographical part of the book with the years after his conversion. Saint Augustine converted to Christianity in 386, thirty-two years after his birth. It was not in till 410, that he wrote Confession. Throughout Confessions he uses biblical references and other books to tell his story. Saint Augustine uses the different readings and book in Confessions to convey his message and show how they impacted his life on the path of converting to Christianity. For Saint Augustine books become an important part of his life at an early age. He was smart, but hated the way his teachers taught him. Leading him to have a lack of motivation in school. His main reason to do well was for he didn’t trouble. He writes of this on page 11 “Poor wretch, I did not understand for what such knowledge is useful. Yet if ever I was indolent in learning, I was beaten.” Even though he didn’t partially enjoy school, he stilled had a favorite subject and one he hated. “Even now I have not yet discovered the reasons why I hated Greek literature when I was being taught it as a small boy. Latin I deeply loved…” (p. 15). He later goes on to say that this gave him the basic tools for reading and writing. “On that foundation I came to acquire the faculty which I had and still possess of being able to read whatever I find written, and to write myself whatever I wish (p.15).” One partial reason he disliked Gree... ... middle of paper ... ...nanias was instructed by God to tell Saul this. Afterwards Saul sight was restored and was fill with Holy Spirit. Even after his conversion moment books and reading still were still a huge part of his life. He continue to read and write afterwards. He writes Confession to tell of his sinful ways before turning to God. This book is way for Saint Augustine to spread the word of God and Christianity to get people to turn toward a path of faithfulness. The readings and books that Saint Augustine uses play a key part in Confessions. He uses them to convey his message and show how they impacted his life on the path of converting to Christianity. Books were important to him since the time he started school. They continue to be an import of his life and his journey to find Christ. The biblical references make so the reader his think critically about the message he saying.
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