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There are several reasons to why people falsely confess to crimes. This will include different analysis from studies carried out by criminal psychologist in order to understand why certain people are prone to falsely confessing to crimes. There are different characteristics to understanding why people confess falsely confess to crimes such as; individual differences, personal and situational factors, and Ethnicity. This essay also aims to identify what leads certain individuals to confess to crimes they did not commit even when the crime can lead to long term prison sentence. Experts within this field suggest that blind eye of justice greatly adds to the reasons to which people still falsely confess to crimes whether it be the law enforcement investigator who continues to pressure a suspect or often times an overzealous prosecutor who refuses to accept that the confession does not march the facts of the case and many reasons.
Through history we understand that a confession was treated as a conviction. The use of physical torture was very rampant and was used as a means to extract confessions, and at that time all confessions were routinely admitted into evidence without question. However, gradually over the centuries, the status of confessions in the legal system shifted from the courts’ limiting the acceptability into evidence of ordinary confessions in the mid-1700s, to totally excluding compelled confessions by the mid to late 1800s. The main purpose of this essay is to examine and understand why innocent people sometimes confess to crimes they did not commit. This essay will also be looking into factors that coerce innocent suspects to give false statements and confess to crimes they did not commit during police interroga...

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...te suspects.
In conclusion there are numerous ways of understanding why people falsely confess to crimes. The police and other investigatory agencies play significant roles in prompting false confessions. As research in this essay has shown, individual differences, stereotypical threats, personal and situational factors can lead to reasons why false confessions occur. The ways in which police and other law enforcement agencies investigative certain suspects must make sure that the conditions in which suspects are placed in does not give suspects reasons to falsely confess. The different ways mentioned in this essay in understanding why people falsely confess to crimes have great potential in improving legit contributions to improving criminal justice practice, as they can help reduce the number of suspects who are put in these predicaments to testify truthfully.
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