Concussions Research Paper

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Are Concussions the real problem “I just honestly want to do what’s best for my health.” Chris Borkland told ESPN of his retirement from the National Football League at just 24. A lot of people would say Borkland is one of the smart ones to get out of the league as concussions are getting worse than ever. Even though concussions are supposedly more severe than ever, if they're such a big problem why does everyone care so much now because concussions haven't changed over time and concussions will always be the same. Many people who claim to know a lot about the National Football League aka NFL would tell you that concussions are a bigger problem than they’ve ever been before. Well they’d be right but they’d also be wrong today we have the knowledge and technology to diagnose concussions that they didn’t have back in the day so more concussions are being diagnosed now but there aren’t necessarily more concussions. Now they might be right about the severity of today's concussions because we have monstrous athletes like future NFL…show more content…
the article has views and experiences from a former NFL player who recalled some things about the team doctors and trainers. “Never do I remember even a cursory discussion of head injuries.” or “Our athletic trainers never brought up the subject.” (Jackson) Another thing mentioned was that the trainers and doctors only told them to report their injuries along with showing up to treatment sessions on time and to make sure to pass drug tests. I being a football player myself strongly feel that they shouldn't have bring up the subject of concussions in the NFL after coaches, trainers, and doctors already pound that into your head in high school and
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