Concussions In Football

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Have you ever had a concussion. If you have, have you thought of what could happen to you in the next years of your life? Football has many good and bad benefits. Many kids around the world get concussions but football is great to bring families over and have them bond together. Football is a great sport but the owners of the programs could make the equipment better. A concussions real name is chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Every year 3.8 million kids get a concussion from contact sports. Football should not be band, just because of concussions and injuries. Many great things can come out of the vast American sport. Football brings many families in the United states together on sunday night to watch the best of the best play. Also players…show more content…
Football makes families and friends more ambitious. Lastly, when kids play football with their brothers and sisters they are determined to fight for the gold, and win that game. Players get amazing profit and most give back to the ones how really need the money. Aaron Rodgers does many State Farm commercials to promote their company. Many players in the NFL have been doing a thing called My Cause, My Cleats. My Cause, My Cleats brings awareness to causes near and dear to them. Deshaun Watson donated his first game profit to three Texan cafeteria works. All kids grow up wanting to be just like NFL players. Kids look up to NFL players and strive to be just like them. NFL players aren't just great at what they do, they are great at being a leader and leading their team to do the best of there abiliting. All NFL players know that they can make a kid into something tremendous. The quotes that NFL players say is something great that push little kids to be the best. All NFL players go into the game knowing they have a higher chance of dying. NFL players lifespan goes down about 10 to 20 years depending on how traumatic your hits are. The average lifespan of a guy is 78, if you play football you could die at the age of 50 or 60 years of
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