Concussion Issues In Football

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Concussions: The Deadly Truth

It is recommended to play sports in order to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, concussions in tackle football are an arising problem throughout the world. An epidemic of traumatic brain injuries is plaguing the sport of football, from the NFL all the way down to the youth leagues; therefore, all players at all levels need more protection through awareness and stronger policies. There are over 2,000 NFL players, 100,000 college players, 1.3 million high school players and a staggering 3.5 million youth football players, making football the most played sport in America. In order to reduce the concussion rate in the youth population and increase safety, there needs to be an age minimum to engage in full-contact football. “Youth football can even produce enough force to cause a concussion in grown adults. In order to minimize these most severe impacts, youth football practices should be modified to eliminate high impact drills that do not replicate game situations” (Daniel, Duma, and Rowson). As for professional athletes, I also
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Results: Of 1827 deaths of athletes aged 21 years or younger, 261 (14%) were caused by trauma-related injuries, usually involving the head and/or neck (mean: 16 ± 2 years; 90% male) in 22 sports. The highest number of events in a single year was 16 (1986), with an average of 9 per year throughout 30 years. The mortality rate was 0.11 in 100 000 participations (95% confidence interval: 0.08- 0.15). The largest number of deaths was in football (148 [57%]), including 17 high school athletes who sustained concussions shortly before fatal head trauma ("second-impact syndrome"). Football deaths were more frequent in defensive players, although the single most common position involved was running back (61% of offensive players). (Thomas et al.

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