Concrete Structure

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TEST OF PRESTRESSED CONCRETE BEAMS WITH BFRP TENDONS Report Concrete structures are generally reinforced with steel tendons. In marine or chemical environment steel has its limitations. Steel having replaced with with FRP reinforcement has been used for many years but using basalt fiber reinforcement polymer tendons (BFRP) as a structural material is very new and effective step in reinforced concrete. Tensile strength of BFRP tendon is almost twice the tensile strength of steel reinforcement, but the elastic modulus for basalt fibre reinforced polymer is only 40-50 GPa while steel has got 200 GPa. Therefore, BFRP has greater elastic lenghtning as compared to steel and strain in the tension zone of concrete structures will be over acceptable limits. In this research, four beams were concreted Three of them were prestressed. The main findings were that the stiffness and bearing capacity of the beam increase relative to un-prestressed beam To utilise the high-tension strength of BFRP and prevent cracking of concrete, the ten...
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