Conclusion: Mexican women suffer from Domestic Violence

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Numerous Mexican women suffer from domestic violence from their childhood up to adulthood. Mexican males are very chauvinism, it is not a rare to see a woman have bruises in their body or face that a men did. Women usually are hurt by any male living with them. Husbands are aggressive with wives even with kids. This action cannot be stopped due to the lack of the Mexican government help. Several women die from: brutally beatings, stabbed, shoot, or any possible way. Deaths are increasing and many parents do not get justice for the deaths of their daughters. This is an issue that has increase and needs to be stopped. An issue that should be priority to the President of Mexico. Reasons why many Mexican women deal with this violence from men is because the females believe they have to be with their husband forever, even if it means to tolerate their beatings. Research said that on an average, five men kill their intimate partner each day in Mexico (Orozco, et al). Kids are left alone without a mother, parents are in sorrow and no one to turn for help. Girls are raped at a young age by...

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