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1. Introduction This paper provides the self-reflection on the process and outcomes of Mrs. Doyle’s Tea Project of Group 6. In the next session, I will analyse our group’s actions during the process with a consideration of the outcomes and weaknesses of the project at each stage. In addition, I will also look the activities taken to improve the project based on the feedbacks to our group. Finally, the key lessons and new learnings from this project will also be addressed. 2. Learning episodes In this section, I will outline the process of our group’s project through a particular look at our critical approach of analysis, important inputs and outcomes. The strengths and weaknesses of the project as well as our main worry in each stage of the process will also be described. 2.1. Overview Generally, my group’s project was to develop a global business strategy for Mrs. Doyle’s Company to expand its business to a particular international market. This small and start-up company specializes in mood teas namely Happy Tea, Hangover Tea, Sleepy Tea and other products such as cookies and chocolates. At first, our group focused on three specific markets of three markets: Asian pub market, Retail airline catering and Duty-free market. However, our indeed analysis suggested that the company was not ready to enter these marketplaces. Instead, the United Kingdom would be the most beneficial destination for the company at present. Therefore, our ultimate aim was to expand the company’s operation in the UK in accordance with the determination to enhance the brand of the company’s tea as a fun gift product. 2.2. Critical Approach Our group approached a set of critical analyses to examine the company’s competitive advantages, to analyse the oppor... ... middle of paper ... ... team work. 5. Concluding comments From my perspective, this project is challenging yet it provides our group an opportunity to embark in a real task to develop a strategic plan for a real client. We did confront difficulty and overcome obstacles such as dealing with the clients, understanding and taking advantages of the multinational group, creating insights of the projects, and adding value to the company. In fact, we took this chance to apply and turn the theories of global competitiveness into practice. Thanks to the project, I have enhanced my personal skills of interacting with the client and the team. I also comprehend and am able to apply such concepts of the firm advantages analysis, the industry analysis, the market scanning, the brand building, and the strategic alliances as valuable tools of building an effective entry strategy for firms in reality.
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