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The Laidlaw Preforming Arts Center held a Wind Ensemble for the students of South Alabama. In this program there were a various Romantic style pieces which are listed on the program stapled to the back of this paper. Each piece of music shows a series of different styles, and the student band does so well with each. As the concert is coming to the end student conductors begin to conduct the pieces, and they all do a wonderful job.
Jazzalogue No. 1 was the first piece played and it was written by Joseph Turrin. It starts as an upbeat tune, and is fortissimo. There are periods of time where the music crescendos and decrescendos and then crescendos to what sounds like fortississimo. It sounds like there is a base line that goes on throughout the piece, and it sounds like it is played with a tuba. Also, as the piece reaches the end there is a cacophony of different instruments which leaves a person feeling that there was meant to be more, but when in fact there was not. This Jazzalogue was played exceptionally by the student band.
The second piece played was a Symphony in B-flat by Paul Hindemith. This piece begins with a cacophony of sounds and is fortissimo like the first piece. The piece decrescendos into piano and stays this way for a few phrases until it crescendos back to forte. The tempo sounds as if it is allegro throughout the first movement. The second movement is more solemn than the first. Its dynamic is a piano to forte. There are periods of both dynamics through movement to of the symphony. As the second movement ends there are crescendos and decrescendos. The third movement begins fortissmo, and then decrescendos into piano. The ranges of the instruments make the movement sound very magical, yet ominous. The flute for ...

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...piece dramatically changes into fortissimo and speeds up to allegro. In the third movement the piece is allegro and is forte, the entire movement seems to be a forte. In the fourth movement there was a soloist accompanied by the orchestra. This movement was adagio in the beginning and then sped up to allegro. There also was more than just one soloist, it seemed like there was a soloist from each section. This suite by Bernstein did not feel like it followed the theme of nationalism, but it was a great addition to the ensemble.
The Laidlaw Preforming Arts Center’s spring concert for the Wind Ensemble was a great production to show the community the talents students have. Most of the pieces had a nationalism feel to them, but each one was much more different than the next. The student of this band did an exceptional job of conducting and playing during this concert.
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