Concerns about Energy, the Economy and the Environment

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Many concerns that some may have about the energy we use, the cost to produce and use this energy as well as the effects it has on the environment could possibly be alleviated, to some extent, but may not resolve all that has not yet been foreseen or even understood. The use of energy is in great demand, as population continues to grow in America and around the world. Every day, people in society rely upon some type of energy source to provide reasonable means to accommodate needs; such as to power their homes with electric or to fuel their automobiles for transportation. America and other countries around the globe have efficient power resources that produce and distribute power. Some resources are provided by conventional power plants that use coal and other fuels, nuclear power plants that use coal and steam, and solar power plants that generate power from the sun, as well as wind energy plants that generate electricity from the wind. Some of these resources have created important problems regarding the environment. Global warming is a great concern to many scientists. “A number of scientist claim that the ‘greenhouse effect’ a rise in the global temperature induced by the build-up manmade gases in the atmosphere is the main cause.” (Bongaarts 299) Due to the harmful negative effects that are left behind after consumption from some of these resources, “humanity can no longer escape from itself and its doings” (Homer-Dixon 59) We as human beings must realize that the primary reason for rising temperatures that cause global warming is caused by man, not only in America but all around the world, therefore with no doubt we should with respect and dedication examine the probability that there are alternatives for energy, which ... ... middle of paper ... ... JSTORE. Web. (APSU) Felix G. Woodward Library. 11 Nov. 2009. 4. Earle, Sylvia A. Sea Change: A MESSAGE OF THE OCEANS. New York: P. Putnam’s Sons, 1995. Print 5. Homer-Dixon Thomas F. The Ingenuity Gap. Canada: Resource & Conflict Analyst, 2000. Print 6. Lusky, Rafael “A Model of Recycling and Pollution Control” The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d’Economique, 9.1 (1976): 91-101. JSTORE. Web. (APSU) Felix G. Woodward Library. 11 Nov. 2009. 7. Morse, Roger N. “Solar Energy in Australia” Allen Press on behalf of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1977): 209-215. JSTORE. Web. (APSU) Felix G. Woodward Library. 11 Nov. 2009. 8. Solar Energy guru. “Solar Power vs. Conventional Electricity Generation” Powered by SolarPanels. Web 2009. (Nov. 29, 2009).

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