Concern For Autism

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The Educational Concern for Autism They live in homes just like us, have lives they wish to fulfill. Odds are that you have seen them and thought to yourself that something was strange. From the non-verbal children to the wild tantrums in public, autism is becoming more common to the public more than ever. The autism spectrum ranges and every child on the spectrum is different and has exceptional skills, specific challenges and a desire to do amazing things in this world. Autism is still misunderstood by many. The new concerns and changes to come its almost impossible to become educated and learn how to respect those who may need some help along the way. The lifelong effects on how children learn to be social, take care of their well-being and try to become a part of the community. It is an overwhelming process that takes time and a patience effort to constantly familiarize a person with autism to something that people are able to do on a daily basis. Autism is not a single disorder, but a spectrum of closely related disorders with a centralized array of symptoms. Every individual on the autism spectrum has problems to some degree with social interaction, showing concern, various forms of communication, and inappropriate display of behavior. The level of disability and the combination of symptoms varies immensely from person to person. Finding a cure for autism is something people are hoping for in the future. Due to the various lobbying efforts put in place earlier this year, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that signified exciting news for children with autism and their families. The bill gives authority for more specialists to perform Applied Behavioral Analysis. This type of therapy has been confirmed to be... ... middle of paper ... is a typical behavior or skill that occurs in the absence of the needed prompt. Shaping involves the reinforcing continuous estimates to a desired behavior. Chaining is a process that used to obtain long sequences of behaviors that might seem unreasonable for children on the spectrum to learn together. The sequence can be broken down into smaller actions. If children with autism are not given separate attention they may resort to their own specific repetitive activities or self-sufficient presence. (Cohen) A routine helps give children with autism a chance to know what is going on and be try to include them in worldly events even if they are not. The feeling of trying to belong and understood is all they want. The only problem is the sudden change of plans that normal people adjust to occasionally can be hard to them because it may result to stress and tantrums.
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