Concepts Of Caring In Nursing

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Concepts of Caring
Thomas Jones
Stanbridge College

Concepts of Caring
Practicing as a nurse is more than just understanding procedures and utilizing nursing skills. There is something even greater that must be considered in order to be an effective provider and that is understanding the power of caring. One person that understood this essential aspect of nursing was Dr. Jean Watson. Her theory of “Human Caring” focuses on the human aspect of care and the relationship between illness and human behavior. The major concepts of Watson’s theory focus on the roots of caring, such as the transpersonal relationship of caring, caring moments and the caritas process. “Caring has been considered to be the ontological and epistemological foundation of nursing and the essence and central focus for nursing” (Sargent, 2012, p. 135). By applying Watson’s theory in practice, nurses can provide meaningful care and connect on a more personal level with patients, creating a healing environment.
Transpersonal Caring Relationships
Establishing a “Transpersonal Caring Relationship” is an essential part of the caring process. This means as nurses we must focus on understanding the relationship between health, illness and behavior. Nurses must not only perform an objective assessment of their patients, but must also assess the patients subjective concerns about their health and wellness. This can assist the nurse with developing a more transpersonal relationship of caring and connecting on a more spiritual level. The goal of the transpersonal caring relationship is to preserve the patient’s dignity and humanity throughout their health care experience.
Caring Occasion
Another important concept in Watson’s theory is the “Caring Occas...

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...s I could feel her pain and suffering as she continued to share her story. Slowly she became less tearful, her arms and legs became less restless and the pain became more manageable. By giving myself to her it allowed her to release her emotional pain, which eased her physical pain enough for her to relax and sleep through the night. It was a sacred encounter I will never forget and a constant reminder of how important the human aspect of caring is to our patients wellness.
Providing quality care for patients is more than just possessing a set of clinical skills. Nurses my also sharpen their ability to convey authentic caring by studying and understanding theories such as Watson’s. Utilizing carative factors will lead to more opportunities for caring occasions and spiritual connections with patient, and ultimately result in better patient outcomes.
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