Concept of Power in a Community

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The mere mention of power brings about numerous images to one’s mind, exemplifying variant forms found to be accompanied with its use. Some uses of power can be found in government, communities and the individual. Noticeably these examples are few however the broadest and strongest. Power of an individual may be overlooked even though before there was a majority there was only self. This is where the foundation for power may be found. Before the community and large government may obtain power it starts with the inner self. Here an evaluation process takes place, analyzing morals, values, and issues that involve the larger picture. When an individual has recognized who they are and what they stand for the foundation’s first layer has just been poured. From here choosing to become educated and involved in one’s community is the next essential step finishing the foundation. Constructing the frame work and completing a sound structure involves pulling families, neighborhoods, and communities closer together. Through networking and action communities gain their power.

Self-empowerment is a crucial part of an individual’s life. Many happenings take place before reaching this point in one’s life. Serious assessment of who one is and what one stands for is important when contemplating where and what to spend their energies on. If someone has found themselves content in their current environment choosing to do nothing, then they have just put a limit on how far their inner power will reach (not much further than their own household). However, if they wish to become an influential voice within their community a choice to become heard has to be made. Socializing amongst one’s neighbors sharing ideas, concerns and changes to form a soluti...

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...guous areas of Portsmouth, Ohio have given up on what is right due to examples taught to them by their protectors. How are individuals in similar communities going to stand up and fight, when it’s their own legal system working against them? Why is it that they choose defeat? When, gradually overtime they could take the area back with some effort. Will there be someone in office able to remind them how to care after decades of police brutality? By not averting the attention towards the community they have allowed corrupted power to take over. It will take a strong person to implement power they have assumed for the correct motives in order to save communities like this one. Please understand I in no way condone whatever mischief my brother was up to that evening, I am merely stating that only in mathematics does a negative multiplied by a negative equal a positive.

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