Concept Of Communication: Life Improvement Using Communication

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Life Improvement Using Communication Communication is a method to express emotions, make connections and relates individual to one another. Understanding yourself and others through communication can bring much success in life. The concept is simple, yet complex because it requires considerable self-recognition and appreciation for others in the journey of life. Once a person has understands the significance of communication, it becomes a revelation into its application. In addition, communication is the foundation of human relationship. This paper will focus on the concept of communication with thoughts on how self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-disclosure lead to successful communication skills. Next, it will discuss how motivation,…show more content…
The Johari Window contains information on the different features of self-awareness. The open panel has information that you and others know about you. The hidden panel contains information only known to you and that you do not wish to disclose this information to others. The blind panel has information that you are not aware of, however only others know this information about you. The unknown pane holds information that both you and others do not know about yourself. The panels are consistently evolving with every new relationship a person encounters. Having self-awareness and an understanding the Jahari Window will assist with communication in…show more content…
The advantage of self-disclosure includes truthfulness in communication, develops self-awareness, reduces anxiety and strengthens relationships. Self-disclosure facilities effective communication based on the other person’s understanding of you and how might you react to the situation. Self-disclosure creates constructive and open communication. After learning about how self-disclosure increases communication, I have made improvements on expressing my thoughts and feelings. Prior to learning about self-disclosure, I was a little hesitant on expressing my feeling for the fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. I would internalize most of my emotions to the point that I would get too upset to hold an effective communication line. Practicing self-disclosure has changed this situation to positive communication that takes place between me and the other
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