Concept And Applications Of Density Measurements

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Density is the ratio between mass and volume, the unit of density for solid or liquid in the metric system is measured in g/ml or g/cm^3. Mass is the quantity of matter in a particular object, the unit for measuring mass of an object is represented in kilogram (kg) or gram (g). Volume is the certain amount of space occupied by an object, the unit for measuring volume of a particular object is either represented as millimeter (ml) or cubic centimeter (cm^3). The purpose of this laboratory investigation is to provide an introduction to the concept and applications of density measurements. Several unknown samples of matter will be able to be identified based on their density measurement. Carrying out density measurement on each unknown sample of matter will help in figuring out whether the samples are made of the same material or not. The density of each sample will be calculated from the mass (weight of samples) and volume (space of samples) measurements.
Material that was utilized in this laboratory investigation are as follows: Water, tongs, graduated cylinder, top loader balance, Vernier caliper, and two stoppers (black and brown).
Determining the density of each sample required measuring the mass of the two stoppers (black and brown) on a top loader electronic balance. The black stopper mass was 6.84g, while the mass for the brown stopper was 0.36g. Volume is determined by two different methods (volume by length and volume by displacement) in order to illustrate the precision of the data. Volume by length general formula is given as V= π*r^2*h (where r-Radius-Height, and v-Volume), In order to get the exact radius value for each of the stoppers, the Vernier caliper is used to measure the diameter, which is then divided by ...

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...^3) ^2*0. 51 = 0.88cm^3
Density of black stopper is calculated as follows:
D= m ÷ v = 6.84g ÷ 16.43cm^3 = 0.416g/cm^3
Density of Brown Stopper is calculated as follows:
D= m ÷ v = 0.36g ÷ 0.88cm^3 = 0.41g/cm^3

Stopper Mass (g) Volume by length (cm^3) Density
Black 6.84g 16.43cm^3 0.416g/cm^3
Brown 0.36g 0.88cm^3 0.41g/cm^3
Stopper Mass (g) Volume by displacement (ml) Density
Black 6.84g 5.5ml 1.2g/ml
Brown 0.36g 2.0ml 0.2g/ml

Based on the density calculated from mass and both two methods used to obtain volume. It could be concluded that both of the stopper are not made of the same material. Starting off with the mass of each stopper being different from one another, Black stopper weighs 6.84g and brown stopper weighs 0.36g. The data from the mass (g) clearly show that black stopper has more heavy compared to that of brown.
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