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The aim of this report is to explain how the concept album was developed. During the analysis, the ideas, influences and applied production techniques will be discussed in detail. Afterwards, an objective and critical conclusion about the album will be outlined. To begin with, the concept of the album is to reflect three specific and positive types of human emotions (hope, happiness and pleasure) through different genres of music, combined with orchestral and live sounds. Arguably, the reason for choosing a such idea was to prove that live instruments can be not necessarily used just within the boundaries of their acoustic environments. Alternatively, they can be appealingly applied in electronic music as well. This should encourage people to mix both orchestral and electronic music more often in order to gain an original outcome. In addition, it is important to mention that the concept album is targeted for people who are open-minded and prefer multiple genres of music. The main sources of influence for the assignment came from three different and well-known albums. For the first composition which reflects hope, the inspiration came from Steve Jablonsky‘s score Transformers. Such similar elements from the Transformers score as big brass and strings sections with programmed synthesiser sequencer sounds wew implemented into the Hope song (Draven99, 2007) (Knight, 2007) (MemoryMan1964, 2012). Furthermore, the soundtrack genre with heroic and epic motifs was thought to be the best style to represent the theme of hope. The second composition from the concept album tried to depict the happiness feeling through the Synthpop genre. This music genre originated around 80‘s and is characterised by mainly having music focused on synthesis... ... middle of paper ... ...improve the sound quality was parallel compression. Having applied it, the sound became more ‘solid’ and ‘full’ (Kärkkäinen, 2011) (recordingrevolution, 2010). Another applied compression type in all compositions was ‘bus compression’. With a mild amount of compression, such element groups as drums, leads, bass and pads were able to sound more unified (recordingrevolution, 2011) (Price, 2013). The last technique which helped to improve the production outcome was the use of ‘Mid/Side’ processing on return channels. In short, this allows to separately have control on both centre and side sound information (Izotope, n.d.) (Keller, 2011). A particular plugin from Waves Audio Company called Center was used in the productions. Although the discussed processes helped to improve the production quality, one could still argue that the concept album lacks professional sound.

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