Concentration Camps and The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a horrifing event where many innocent humans were hopelesslt slaughtered in concentration camps or just shot. That's why we study about the Holocaust, so it doesn't happen again. It started with Hitler. Hitler was a solider in the first World War and was injuredmultiple times in combat. When Germany lost the war, Hitler was enraged because he put himself in the face of danger and was injured for his country and they lost. This event combined with some childhood events was the start of Hitler's rein. It started with Hitler trying to start a rebellion, to start what he called a Thousand-Year Reich and he wanted revenge on those who put Germany down. His coup d'etat failed and he was arrested. In jail he wrote Mein Kampf which told of his life and his plan to put Germany on top of the world. His book had so much power that Hitler soon gained the control he wanted and in time he became the Chancelor and contolled the entire country. Once Hitler gained his power the war was sure to begin. Hitler started by blaming the jews for his countries lose and starting kicking them out of Germany, but he didn't stop there. He started to kill the Jews in time andd established the Nuremburg Race Laws. He also made an alliance with Japan and Italy with the intention of conquering the entire world. Before the actual war started, there was the Holocaust. Holocaust refers to the mass killing of people especially by fire and that's what Hitler did. Jews were the most targeted group of people but there was an undesirable list which contained people such as homosexuals or the physically or mentaly disabled. At first, people were lined up and shot by firing squad but was considered to be a waste of bullets and they needed a more efficien... ... middle of paper ... ...locaust and WWII there was a girl named Anne Frank. Anne was a German Jew that went into hiding during th Holocaust but the reason she is so well known is because she kept a diary of what was going on in her life and what was going on in the war. Her diart was filled with information about the struggle of Jews during the war and how hard it was for her and her family to survive in hiding. She lived in hiding for a few years until one day they were caught and sent to concentration camps to die. Anne went through three camps and she died in the third camp. Her father was the only one in her family to survive the war. The Holocaust was the worst of human nature and we need to make sure a similar event never happens again. To do so we must tell everyone about the Holocasut and explain to them why it was such a bad thing so no one tries to do the same thing Hitler did.
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