Concentration Camps Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust took place on January 30, 1933 - May 8,1945, in Germany and Eastern Europe. The Holocaust started when Hitler came to power in Germany, and ended when the Nazi’s were defeated by the Allied powers. The Holocaust was a time that a bunch of Nazi’s and Germans took Jews to concentration camps. Concentration camps were almost like prisons that we have now, but they were a lot worse it was a way that the Nazi’s forced their controll. They were a way to show that the amount of power that Germans had and how they took control of the Jewish children and people. The Jewish children were forced to wear a yellow star that had the word Jew on it or a white armband with a blue star, so that the Germans could identify who were Jews or not. The yellow star and the blue star were represented as the Star of David. Children 's lives were more impacted by the Holocaust more than the adults. In the concentration…show more content…
They were killed if they were considered unwanted or if they had physical or mental disabilities. Children were killed right after they were born, they were used as target practice so they would get thrown up in the air and get shot or the pregnant mother was sent to the gas chambers to die along with the baby. SS physicians and and medical researchers would take selected children and do medical experiments on the children and this would often lead to death. The children also died at the concentration camps during the Holocaust because of the conditions while doing forced labor. They would get frostbite during the cold weathers and they would over heat during the hot weathers and just end up dieing, because the German’s and Nazi’s didn’t care about the Jewish children to save them. The conditions were so extreme that even the fittest people rarely survived more than a few months in the camps. The Jewish children were not feed the proper amount of food that they needed, so they would just die of

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