Concealed Carry on Campus

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On April 16th 2007 at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, a student with psychological problems began a two hour killing spree that left 33 dead (Reader). The massacre that occurred at this school is now the worst recorded incident in the history of the United States and eclipses the University of Texas massacre of 1966. In the wake of tragedies like these, students, teachers and administrators propose more measures to make us feel safe on campus. But why weren't these measures in place before? School administrators and police have a responsibility to protect their students and faculty on campus, and these instances clearly shown a lack of fulfilling that responsibility. And yet several campus' refuse to allow law-abiding and responsible students exercise their constitutionally granted right to defend themselves by carrying a concealed weapon.

I myself am a law-abiding student here at North Idaho College. I have been an active member of the National Rifle Association since 1990, and a concealed carry permit holder for the last 10 years. I grew up with my father and grandfather teaching me firearm safety, and I increased my skills in firearm training serving in the United States Marine Corps, qualifying as an expert in both pistol and rifle marksmanship. I served as a primary marksmanship instructor for my battalion, and won medals in two inter-service shooting competitions. Like me, there are students and faculty that are completely qualified, capable and responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm to defend themselves in an extreme emergency, and should be allowed to do so.

I find that there are three main issues involved with the responsible carrying of concealed weapons on campus. First, individuals that hav...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that concealed carry permits are not easy to get, and states that they require a background investigation and firearm safety and concealed firearm training course.
  • Compares the number of forcible rapes and aggravated assaults committed on campus to non-campus crimes. campus security and emergency phones are ineffective against an armed assailant.
  • Explains that the second amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for the purposes of self-defense.
  • Opines that schools have a duty to warn and protect students from criminal acts of third persons.
  • Explains scalia et al. v. heller. washington d.c.: gpo, 2008.
  • Opines that the virginia polytechnic institute massacre is the worst in the united states and eclipses the university of texas massacre of 1966.
  • Opines that lawsuits against colleges and universities for negligence surrounding preventable crimes on campus' against students and faculty succeed, which results in institutions paying millions of dollars in damages.
  • Cites alito et al v. city of chicago, and dankwa, david. "school shooting: negligence is central issue."
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