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For anyone observing The Louisiana Comic Con ad, they might become filled with confusion as to what is this event all about? Is there a revival in town, a Walking Dead convention, a Star Wars fan club meeting, or have all these actors gathered for a true Comic Con fair? Comic Con is a science fiction fantasy come true, cult following party. No matter your age or gender there seems to be something for everyone to experience. Deadheads, Trekies, Go Go Power Rangers, Cowabunga dude, which are you a fan of? Who can forget Honky Tonk Man, a wrestler dressed like Elvis? Comic con is a mixture of old timers and new timers, per say. The ad is trying to draw in a new type of person by bringing in newcomers from the latest hot shows and their names and pictures are the largest on the ad. How many viewers look at this ad and wonder who are all the people and question if they are truly famous or not? Comic Con brings together the real with the fiction and makes it all come to life. Although it is certainly fair to develop reasons for opting out of attending Comic Con, there are numerous reasons for opting in to attending. The advertisement shows numerous characters from different series in an effort to appeal to multiple audiences, but regardless of your interests, there is more to Comic Con than what meets the eye, and nobody is a nerd for having their own hero. What about those who need more than just a famous character in the ad to make them decide? Upon first glance, people may raise questions when noticing the quality, the ad portrays as well as the possible popularity of the event the advertised event may hold. The warm colors mixed throughout the ad can bring a sense of comfort for the observers to feel when they first see i... ... middle of paper ... than just comics, as is indicated by the movie or television based characters in the horizon of the ad. If comic books do not interest you, then there is plenty of other forms of enjoyment that you will encounter at a Comic Con. In regards to the type of people that you will encounter, there is really no way to gauge how well you would fit in, but it is best to go with an open mind. Even if there were no celebrities at the event, there are multiple chances to learn and expose yourself to somebody that you would normally not communicate with. This type of interacting opens doors for new interests and possible long lasting friendships. The Louisiana Comic Con advertisement clearly insists that you attend the event, but the illustration in conjunction with a bit of background knowledge about the event should be enough to remove any concerns you had about attending.
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