Comradery Literary Criticism

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According to Longman, poetry is a piece of writing, arranged in pattern of lines and of sounds, expressing some thought, feeling, or human experience in language full of imagination (Santi: 2010). By the similar definition, Wordsworth defines poetry as expression of imaginative feeling, or invention feeling (Fadila: 2011). Shelley stated that poetry is the record of every second of impression events such as moment of happiness, romance, disaffection, even sadness that is caused by the death of beloved people. From those statements it can be known that poetry is literary work that convey the authors’ thoughts and feelings, and it directs the readers into their imagination world for imagining the phenomena happen in that poetry. Thus, poetry can tell stories, draw pictures, and describe something.
Additionally, poetry is not only about human feeling, but also the art of diction. Samuel Taylor Coleridge proposes poetry as the most beautiful words (Fadila: 2011). Definitely, in order to get a beautiful literary work the author composes and arranges the words as good as possible. Carlyle defines poetry as musical thoughts (Fadila: 2011). So, the author creates the poem by selecting melodious sounds as the music in his poem. In addition, Dunton present the definition of poetry as human thought concretely and artistically in emotional and rhythmical language (Fadila: 2011). Typically, poetry is composed for revealing something special through artistic ways.
It is believed that in poetry, numerous words should be selected to represent a meaning in a poem as if it can depict an illustration of the authors. It is because poetry is created through language as the medium then it never apart from diction. Therefore, a single word is the one...

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...An Analysis Romantic Value in William Wordsworth’s Poem “Daffodils. Gorontalo: Gorontalo State University
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