Computers and Education

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Computers have both positively and negatively impacted the education field. They have helped teachers keeping a spreadsheet on the students so it is easier to keep their grade average straight. Computers have helped students write reports and gain information from the Internet but there are also negative affects from the computers. Students are able to obtain information from the Internet and use it as their own. Students are also able to purchase reports/papers online and turn them in. By looking at both of these one can see that the computer has impacted the field of education both positively and negatively.

For teachers the computer has become an important tool in the classroom. Teachers are now able to keep a running spreadsheet on their student’s grades along with the agenda for the week. No longer do teachers need to calculate the student’s average. All that needs to be done is a simple spreadsheet with the formulas and grades/scores plugged into the cells. This helps the teacher save time so it can be used for more important things such as grading papers and planning new activities. This helps teachers because students are always asking a teacher where they stand and with this the teacher will know as long as all the information is plugged into the cells. By having the agenda on the computer the teacher is able to print it off quickly incase a student loses it.

Another way the computer/Internet helps teachers is they can get new lesson plans on line. There are many sight on line that allow teachers to go to get information on activities for subjects and for certain grade levels. They also can go onto chat rooms with other teachers and exchange information. By doing this teaches can talk about what works in their classrooms and what did not. They can tell each other what activities the students liked and what activities that they did not. This helps them get new information and new ideas so the lessons are not the same and they can find variety on what is taught.

Students are able to attain research for term papers/reports from the Internet. They are able to get more information on line in less time then it would take to go to the library; look up the books needed and read the books. The Internet allows students to browse through topics in a wide range in a minimal amount of time, by doing this it takes students less time to research and gives them more time to work on papers and projects.
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