Computers And The Many Benefits

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Computers and the Many Benefits

Computers play a huge part in many all of our lives in one way or another. They have many purposes and are used in various types of environments, such as medical facilities, government offices, and many households. They also are the reason we are able to surf the internet, watch animated television shows and see movies with special graphics. Computers have impacted our lives in many ways. You may not notice it but they did make life a lot easier. Without computers, the world would be a harder place to live in. Thanks to computers, everyday life is easier for us. Some people may disagree but most wouldn't. Computers have made the impossible possible.

In a household a computer possibilities are endless. All that is needed is internet connection and the computer. Computers are beneficial because one can pay bills, go to school and stay connected to family and friends all over the world. One can pay bills without having to write a check or placing the bill in a postage envelope. The bill will be paid within the next 72 hours or so. The benefit in that is that there is no paper trail, no chance of the bill getting lost in the mail and no late charges because the bill has been paid and confirmed. Going to school does not have to be in a classroom but in the comfort of your own home. Many people have chosen to take internet classes because otherwise they would not be able to continue their education. Talking to family and friends does not have to be done over the phone or through mail the computer has made it possible to chat with family over the internet or via e-mail. Not only is chatting possible but using a web cam will allow you to see your loved one and a microphone will allow you to talk to one another, no matter where they are. Deployed soldiers can see there children and wives from anywhere as long as they have a web cam. Computers are making so many things possible.

An important field computers impacted on is the medical field. Hospitals are run by computers. Most computers in the hospital are used to keep information of patients and their medical records. "Computers are being used increasingly by doctors to scan databases containing accounts of past cases to see which treatments work best" (Bettelheim, par.
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