Computers Affecting Our Lives

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Since the beginning of human life, we as a people have always strived to obtain machines or tools to make our lives easier. Before the computer was invented in 1822, people were performing boring, repetitive tasks that we now take for granted. The computer, a modern complex machine, now accomplishes things we never thought possible. Computers, in general, have many benefits for they provide entertainment, help modern cities function, above all, make the most aggravating and mundane tasks incredibly simple.

One of the least important aspects of computers is that it provides entertainment and yet this is the sole reason why many people buy computers. The gaming and entertainment industry has become extremely large in the world, the products they sell range from shareware games to adult blood and gore. For instance, the 3D-shooter series, Quake, has sold millions of copies and essentially everyone in the world has seen it or played it. The entertainment industry not only provides gaming amusement but it also contributes learning programs, for children and adults, to help individuals excel in a certain trouble areas. Furthermore, computers also are also capable of training military personal in a virtual reality environment. An example of this is the U.S. and Canadian military, they both train soldiers and pilots in the ways of war using high tech computers and virtual reality equipment. To sum up, entertainment on the computer may not be important but is does satisfy million of people worldwide.

Cities as we know them today would not exist if it were not for the help of the computer. In a modern city hundreds of items are under control by computers and most of them we take for granted. For example, the traffic lights at all intersections are controlled by computers and sometimes even with the support of underground sensors. Without computers the entire electrical grid would fail and all of the world’s neoteric population would be without precious electricity. Another instance in which computers aid the modern city is the sewage and water system. Without computers, entire series of pumps and water stations would seize and stop working, which translates to a city without running water. On the whole, computers are a necessary innovation to help modern cities function to their fullest potential.

One of the most important uses of the computer is that it provides a person with a tool that can make the most difficult tasks incredibly insignificant.
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