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Three days ago, I was assigned to read an article in the Wall Street Journal on computerized sizing. The goal of the article was to get people to go to certain stores, put on a specialized bra and underwear and have their measurements taken by computerized mirrors. From there, a woman’s measurements would be put online, in hopes to make their shopping days easier. However, once I started reading the article about Lands’ Ends new computerized virtual modeling system; I began to question my experiences with online shopping. At first, I thought that it might be kind of neat to have a virtual mode of me online to make my shopping easier. I figured this would allow me to view how something looked, and how well the outfit contoured my body. Secondly, I thought it would be more time efficient. I would never have to leave my house, and I would save gas. Yet, as I read further into the article, I realized that computerized virtual modeling is a terrible invention. When author Rebecca Quick went through the whole process of having a computer measure her, she came to find that the computer was inaccurate by four inches. Now, in ladies terms, that is a whole hell of a big difference. Women will feel discouraged by this new inaccurate sizing, and will not want to shop as much. In addition to it being off on her size, Ms. Quick had to go through the uncomfortable process twice, because the first time around, it did not pick up her precise measurements. So, I asked myself this: If a person can drive to a specialized computer sizing place, just to get their measurements, then why can’t he or she take the same effort and drive to the store and actually try on their clothes? For me, I would rather go to a store, try on the items of clothing and form my own opinion of how the item actually looks on my “real” body. I want to feel the texture, study the contouring of the clothes on my body, and view how well the colors look on me.

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