Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses

Computer viruses may seem mysterious, even frightening, but are

actually quite easy to understand. I’ll try to shed some light on: how

viruses work, what they really are, and some steps you can take to

keep you and your information


Viruses are simple, once you understand what they can and can’t do;

it’ll be that much easier to protect against them.

Do you have anti-virus software on your computer? You should. If you

don’t get some, if you do, why should you need to understand any of

this? The best reason is an informed consumer has the knowledge to

judge if the anti-virus software they’re using is giving the

protection you think it is. Another reason is that viruses are only

one threat to your programs and data; we’ll explore how to protect

ones self fully. Are viruses a serious threat, our just hype? Viruses

and anti-virus programs are not the complex, hard to understand

software they’re made out to be. Not only can the programs be

understood by anyone, but these days, it’s critical that we all grasp

how they work so we can protect ourselves. If you have a virus, you

are no longer in control of your PC. Almost all viruses can cause

damage to your files- mostly because the viruses themselves are poorly