Computer Technology And Literacy Education

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Computer Technology In Literacy Education Technologies have dramatically changed the diverse fields of our lives in terms of business, education, and culture. This development of technology has influenced a shift in the educational environment and pedagogy from traditional language education to technological language education, such as Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). Especially, a few decades ago, Literacy education had not applied educational technology in language pedagogy because the earlier popular teaching methods focused on direct instruction. Essentially, this traditional language pedagogy tended to use simple class materials like textbooks and a blackboard so that it was unable to provide efficient educational materials and did not have diverse approaches to improving students’ target language. It is apparent, that many literacy classes still have problematic points in terms of the size of the class and a lack of authentic materials. Nonetheless technology for educational use has not been fully explored yet. Many educators have insisted that technology and literacy education are no strangers to one another. Hence using technology to make a better literacy educational environment is needed for its advantages. The need of Technology Hooper and Rieber (1995) illustrate the teacher’s role in a classroom. According to them, classroom teaching is a demanding job. Beyond planning and implementing instruction, teachers are also expected to be managers, psychologists, counselors, custodians, and provide community. Hence the teacher’s role is seen to be almost unattainable. Nowadays, many educators regard technology as a class assistant. In fact, technology has sometimes bee... ... middle of paper ... ...f class like in Distance learning. With many benefits of technology in term of flexibility, accessibility and unlimited time, using the Internet to learn English out of class has become one of the crucial activities in literacy classes. Because of the many problematic points in traditional literacy education, many educators have insisted that technology should be applied into the literacy classes. Many instructors have applied CMC and CALL as a new trend in technological instructions. The application of technology into the literacy education has many benefits to help students’ learning and to enhance teaching. we need to consider how technology can be the best medium for literacy education and what aspects of consideration should be considered in order to employ technological education and create the ideal literacy education environment for students and teachers.
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